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I feel incredibly lucky for travelling since I was a toddler – avoiding touristy experiences by going for the unusual ones. The first year of primary school I exited Europe for the first time and fell in love with Asia and any non-westernized setting for the adventures they have to offer. Despite the excitement, I was the pickiest Italian eater on the planet and I’ve always refused any food that wasn’t my own.

While I still am the stereotypical Italian that doesn’t eat foreign Italian food, during my internship in India I was brutally forced to adapt to local food…and I crazily liked it.

From then on, my journeys became quests for local food. I travel hungry for foreign flavours and the cultural meaning of meals throughout the different traditions I encounter. True, I will really often give tips for plant-based culinary experiences. I’m not vegan even though… well, I am most of the times. I really hope this won’t stop non-veg readers as I try here to post things that can be useful for any eater. In most –if not all- the places I write about non-veg food can be found and I review staff that is just good – whether the person who’s eating it is vegan or not.

Of course it’s not all about food, I am keeping this blog to share anything useful while travelling, from my experience with Chinese healthcare to cultural clashes or adventures to be found in the African bush.


…and the Wild

The other focus of my travels is wildlife. Also, when in Italy, I volunteer in a wildlife rescue centre. It’s been going on from 2015 and I’ve proudly took part to the creation of the first wildlife rescue centre of my region. I came to realize that many of the animals we host should not be at the Centre. It’s just that people find them and bring them over, without a real need for doing so but –wrongfully- thinking it’s the right thing to do.

Others bring animals after treating of feeding them the wrong way, creating serious problems to their rehabilitation to freedom. I’d like to talk about these experiences and the wild side of my travels as well, to share the awesome reality that wildlife is, try to suggest better courses of action and tell the stories of the creatures that I fell in love with.

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