Shanghai Streetfood – Focus on Nanjing Road (East)

Chinese streetfood is heaven and what I miss more than anything. First, it offers such a variety and it is so flavourful that you could live on it for at least a few years (if you don’t worry about a bit of oiliness). Second, in all of my –and my friends’- experimentation, no one has ever felt... Continue Reading →

Tofu and conservation

Would you dare a conversation on tofu? Sad, unsexy tofu? And its role on habitat preservation and on how grateful I am to China to make me understand that tofu is not that bad, it’s just us dumb Westeners that don’t know how to cook it. And -forgive me for this but I have to,... Continue Reading →

Chinese sweets: an unexpected discovery

It is in China – a country free of the “dessert” concept – that I developed my sweet-tooth. Overdoing it, just a bit. The idea of “dessert” is uncommon as ending a meal with something sweet is not a habit. I’ve found that it’s easier to find sweets at snack times or even during the... Continue Reading →

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