Nairobi eats

I condensed my 6 months in Nairobi, Kenya, in a list of where to eat and what when it comes to restaurants and street food. I am guilty of indulging too much on non-Kenyan food as Nairobi is absolutely a blast made of so many different cultural influences.. I will make up for this though,... Continue Reading →

Quick trip to Tuscany and related eats

I went for a weekend in the country side of Tuscany, around Cetona and Amiata mountains, where wolves roam free again. Well, we had no signs of wolves even though we saw plenty of roe deers. Instead of enjoying wildlife though, we basically ate. We experienced only a fraction of Tuscany but I got to... Continue Reading →

Berlin: eats and a couple of DOs

iThis list comes as the output of my year spent in Berlin. It's about the most remarkable places I've tried and a few I've heard about. As everywhere in Berlin, it will be extremely easy to find vegan options in all of them. Hope it helps and let me know if you've tried any of... Continue Reading →

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