Shanghai Streetfood – Focus on Nanjing Road (East)

Chinese streetfood is heaven and what I miss more than anything. First, it offers such a variety and it is so flavourful that you could live on it for at least a few years (if you don’t worry about a bit of oiliness). Second, in all of my –and my friends’- experimentation, no one has ever felt... Continue Reading →

Fairouz: ristorante libanese vegetariano a Milano

Fairouz è un ristorante libanese a Milano, vicino alla fermata della metro rossa Wagner. La cura dei proprietari nel gestirlo non si vede solo nell’arredamento, di cui parlerò entusiasticamente, ma soprattutto dall’orgoglio con cui la cuoca parla dei suoi piatti nel raccomandarti la preparazione più adatta a te. Perché si tratta di pietanze preparate sul... Continue Reading →

Tofu e biodiversità

Coraggioso abbastanza per discutere di tofu? Il triste e sciapo tofu? E il suo ruolo nella conservazione degli habitat e di quanto io sia grata alla Cina per avermi mostrato che il tofu non è poi così male, siamo solo noi tonti occidentali a non saperlo cucinare. E -perdonatemi ma devo, per tutti i bro... Continue Reading →

Tofu and conservation

Would you dare a conversation on tofu? Sad, unsexy tofu? And its role on habitat preservation and on how grateful I am to China to make me understand that tofu is not that bad, it’s just us dumb Westeners that don’t know how to cook it. And -forgive me for this but I have to,... Continue Reading →

Nairobi eats

I condensed my 6 months in Nairobi, Kenya, in a list of where to eat and what when it comes to restaurants and street food. I am guilty of indulging too much on non-Kenyan food as Nairobi is absolutely a blast made of so many different cultural influences.. I will make up for this though,... Continue Reading →

Quick trip to Tuscany and related eats

I went for a weekend in the country side of Tuscany, around Cetona and Amiata mountains, where wolves roam free again. Well, we had no signs of wolves even though we saw plenty of roe deers. Instead of enjoying wildlife though, we basically ate. We experienced only a fraction of Tuscany but I got to... Continue Reading →

Chinese sweets: an unexpected discovery

It is in China – a country free of the “dessert” concept – that I developed my sweet-tooth. Overdoing it, just a bit. The idea of “dessert” is uncommon as ending a meal with something sweet is not a habit. I’ve found that it’s easier to find sweets at snack times or even during the... Continue Reading →

Indian food in India: a few names

So here is a translation table for understanding Indian menus. It mainly refers to Northern food as my experience was restricted to it. Most of the times you’ll find the name of the dish or its ingredients spelled out in a local language-English mix and people will struggle explaining you what the thing actually is... Continue Reading →

Berlin: eats and a couple of DOs

iThis list comes as the output of my year spent in Berlin. It's about the most remarkable places I've tried and a few I've heard about. As everywhere in Berlin, it will be extremely easy to find vegan options in all of them. Hope it helps and let me know if you've tried any of... Continue Reading →

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