Ol Pejeta: safari and community conservation (Part 1)

This is an example of Kenyan self-sustained conservancy, where communities can still benefit from their motherland, human-wildlife conflict is greatly managed and poaching is being kept under control. So, I wanted to go on a safari for my birthday, not too far away from Nairobi city and, most importantly, I wanted it to be sustainable... Continue Reading →

What to do when you find wildlife in need: Wildlife Rescue Centers

Ever driven by a wild animal hit by a car? Ever encountered a cub during a hike or has your cat ever brought you a wounded bird? Or worse, ever witnessed a wildlife crime? Wildlife rescue centres respond to these and many more emergencies. They are wildlife hospitals, to rehabilitate and release these species back... Continue Reading →

Rifugio Lavarella e Parco di Fanes

Abbiamo deciso di passare un capodanno sportivo che ci permettesse anche di goderci la wilderness non troppo distante da casa. Così abbiamo preparato gli zaini per una settimana e ci siamo fatti prestare due paia di ciaspole per partire verso il Parco di Fanes, tra le Dolomiti del Trentino. La nostra meta è stata il... Continue Reading →

Italian winter wilderness at its best – Park Fanes

We decided to spend a sporty last-year-week enjoying the often neglected, however remarkable, Italian wilderness and possibly wildlife in the National Park Fanes-Senes-Braies in the Italian Dolomites. So we prepared our backpacks, borrowed two couples of snow rackets and left for Trentino region. Our destination was Lavarella Mountain Lodge, a refuge set at 2050 mt... Continue Reading →

How to safari: cheap and wild (Part 1)

I’ve been organising my safaris according to two principles: making them the cheapest and wildest possible. Here are my tips on how to enjoy true wilderness avoiding over-tourism and its disruptive consequences on wildlife, all keeping costs in check. In Part 1 I’ll talk about basics and preventative matters such as the choice of the... Continue Reading →

Tourists vs. Wildlife in South Africa

I’ve visited South Africa twice and here I had the experience that made me realize that, whatever I’ll become, I want it to be related to supporting the environment. For the first time, I was truly into the wild. I didn’t go as a tourist but as a conservation volunteer (even though this definition is... Continue Reading →

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